My services

Once I had an idea of a communication filter against verbal pollution that would filter out unnecessary comments, bitter remarks, insults, criticisms, blaming and diagnosing…anything that’s bound to make your life more difficult. Because I haven’t developed this technical solution, I have opted instead to offer trainings for communication skills and compassion. This is what I so much love offering to the couples I work with.

Individual sessions – empathy and conflict coaching
If you really want to move forward in your NVC skills and you need some focused support and encouragement in recognizing your needs and the needs of the people around you. I offer space for you to reconnect with your self, so you can express yourself in harmony with your values. I invite your needs, so that we can savour their beauty together.

Mediation for couples / individuals
A gentle space of support where you can connect to your feelings and needs, so you can hear the other in more depth, contributing to mutual understanding. Practice to deepen your skills. Welcoming awareness in the body and empathy for the nervous system with the tools of Somatic Experiencing®. My pleasure is to be with whatever is alive in you. I work in person or over zoom, depending on your location. You can read more about the process of mediation here.

Nonviolent Communication® and mediation trainings and practice groups
In person and online workshops/practice groups in various formats for the public, companies and organizations. Space to explore how it is to express yourself honestly while remaining in contact with another person. More about my upcoming events here

Somatic Experiencing® – wellness for your nervous system
If you want to increase your resilience and tune your nervous system, I offer individual sessions to support you with empathy for your physiological responses. Somatic Experiencing® is a gentle way of integrating traumatic experience by supporting your resources and allowing your body’s inner experience to speak in a guided way, so that the residual energy of trauma can be transformed into life energy.

My offer in Czech

In my first online session, I felt invited and acknowledged from the first moment. The session was unfolding gradually and naturally, Ivana’s presence and guidance was there, which contributed to my comfort and made me feel safe. I found the session helpful in many ways. I had a chance to practice empathic listening and to hear Ivana reflecting back while empathically receiving the other. It was very inspiring.

Zuzana Hrušková, online empathy training participant