My name is Ivana Horáková. I enjoy dancing with life and creating gentle space for presence, compassion and learning. For me, engaging with life and the process of Nonviolent Communication is an adventure, a continuous exploration of what is alive and what it means to be deeply honest, vulnerable and compassionate. My mission is to make the magic of compassion, and the tools that nourish it, available to many people.
Inspired by yoga, dance, meditation and bodywork, I enjoy connecting NVC with awareness in the body. I am a Nonviolent Communication trainer, authorized by the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

“I have been in touch with Ivana since my first NVC workshop. From the beginning, she has contributed to my understanding of NVC in a really mature and practical manner. I knew the books, but with the her help I got to experience the practice. During our skype sessions, she guided me to be always present and connected to my heart, so to speak. I appreciate these moments and I am grateful to her for each moment in my life when I use NVC, which nearly always makes my life more wonderful.”    
Tomáš Hudec, Czech Republic

“In my first skype session, I felt invited and acknowledged from the first moment. The session was unfolding gradually and naturally, Ivana’s presence and guidance was there, which contributed to my comfort and made me feel safe. I found the session helpful in many ways. I had a chance to practice empathic listening and to hear Ivana reflecting back while empathically receiving other. It was very inspiring.” 
Zuzana Hrušková, Czech Republic

“My perception of myself and other people has changed after the workshop. I have realized that I can discover other people’s feelings and needs and understand them. And I can discover my own feelings and needs, too. This was helpful for the communication at work with my colleagues. I can understand them better than before and I can choose my response or reaction.”
David Hauerland, Czech Republic

“Ivana has great ability to mediate conflict situations and she uses her skill to transform the language of rational arguments into the language of needs. She is able to support others with empathy.”
Adam Čajka, Czech Republic

“I have become more clear about what goes on in me. Now I find it easier to connect to someone’s heart and to build trust in my relationships.”
Georg Tretow, Germany